Research and Learning

Researchers are an essential part of the Indian Civil Services Association model. They form the core of our project teams – at the moment delivering work on the impact and future of Indian civil services, devolution within India, challenges facing Secretariat departments, how to deal with failing public services, and data-driven analysis of government performance.

We are keen for our research staff to take full advantage of training opportunities at the Association. As well as working with colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, researchers have opportunities to enhance their skills through a mix of internal and external training courses and informal skill share sessions. Researchers are also encouraged to attend our rich and varied programme of events connected with our work programme. In the next few months, we will hold a range of events including discussions on the implications of Indian values on the Civil Services, a debate on the role of public services in the era of globalization, and addresses by senior civil servants.

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Contact the Association’s office to find out more about the skills, qualifications and specifications required for our research roles, as well as the opportunities we offer.

For enquiries about research programmes at the Indian Civil Services Association, you may also contact