Work with Us

The Indian Civil Services Association recruits staff for a wide range of roles, including in research and learning, communications, events and operations. Together our staff contribute to our aim of improving the effectiveness of government in India.

Our working environment is non-hierarchical, collaborative and stimulating. Typically our staff work closely together in small teams, as well as with other colleagues across the Association. We support staff to develop their skills and gain experience through internal and external training, and provide opportunities to get involved in different aspects of the Association’s work right from the start.

Individuals who work at the Association have future opportunities in interesting and senior roles in government, the private and voluntary sectors, other think tanks and postgraduate research.

We are open to recruit for interns and researchers. The timetable for applications varies, so please check back here regularly, or sign up. More information about these roles can be found from the Association’s office. Senior roles and vacancies will be advertised as posts arise.

If you have any questions about working at the Association, please email