Indian Civil Services Association (ICSA) aims to be one of the world's leading centres of thought and influence on public governance, policies and implementation so that public governance systems are more responsive to contemporary needs and aspirations of the country.


We are here to act as a catalyst for inspiring the best in government.
We spark ideas, generate debate, challenge preconceptions, bring experience to bear and make new connections that work to improve government for the benefit of society. In all that we do we will seek to be:

Innovative - we will push at the boundaries of current knowledge, exploring and experimenting with diverse approaches to find the best solution.
Rigorous - we will be thorough and precise in our method and produce the highest quality data and services.
Impartial - we will be objective in our approach, neutral and politically non-aligned.
Trusted - we will earn the confidence of all those we work with, being open and challenging whilst protecting confidentiality when partners so wish.

Guiding Principles

In working to fulfill this mission, the ICSA is guided by the following principles:-
  • Aim for quality growth in existing and future programmes
  • Establish strategic alliances and partnerships with other Associations both nationally and internationally.
  • Systematically move towards resource based training
  • Offer a wide range of high quality facilities to the trainees.
  • Endeavor to enhance the number of programmes for organisations in specialised areas.
  • Become a national centre of international repute by way of assimilating modern technology.